The European University Foundation - EUF

Quality Link Project Partner

Who we are

The European University Foundation (EUF) is a network of 74 member universities established in 29 countries. It stands for diversity and social fairness in Higher Education and aims to accelerate the modernisation of the European Higher Education Area. The network deploys intensive cooperation and policy experimentation under five key pillars: (1) Digital Higher Education both for governance and provision of education, (2) entrepreneurship and employability skills of graduates, (3) policy innovation at national and European level, (4) active citizenship of students and (5) quality mobility for all.
The network’s key activities are designed to build capacity and expertise among administrative and academic staff members, to raise awareness of EU policy goals and actions and to enable policy dialogues between practitioners, policy- makers and stakeholders. The activities are underpinned by the organisation of high-quality student mobility, since this is considered to be an excellent driver to implement reforms within HE. To maximise the impact of outcomes the EUF is affiliated with the Lifelong Learning Platform, Groningen Declaration, and cooperates with the European Students’ Union, the Erasmus Student Network and GÉANT.

Why are we participating in the project

The EUF is a strong advocate for deeper transnational cooperation between HEIs to enable more and higher quality student mobility. In this regard we notably strive to build frameworks and guidance for more structured cooperation between HEIs to remove some of the most important barriers to student mobility: access to information and recognition of studies abroad.
The EUF joins forces in this project to assess how a course identifier can support these processes and this is notably relevant for our experience in the field of digitalisation of HE: we have been coordinating some of larger projects that have led to the European Student Card Initiative of which the most known component is Erasmus Without Paper or the Erasmus+ mobile App.

Our role in the project

EUF has lead responsibility for several key analytical and technical tasks, in particular developing technical standards for identifying and matching micro-credentials and study programmes, including publication of basic metadata by education providers. EUF contributes actively to all further technical development and engineering tasks in cooperation with KIC.